Thursday, January 2, 2014

Quilt Withdrawal is Real

Over the last 6 years that I've been quilting, I've found myself getting antsy when I am prevented from quilting for several days due to busy work schedule etc.  I laughingly called it "quilt withdrawal", and joked about it.  But, now I know, it's a real condition!

I had a complete hip replacement the week before Christmas, and I totally underestimated how quick - or I should say SLOW, recovering would be.  Somehow I thought that while I was home I'd be able to sit at my sewing machine and sew, and was looking forward to having a couple of weeks to spend quilting.  Unfortunately, what I've discovered is that I am having far more difficulty getting around than I had anticipated, and going down into the basement to my sewing room has been impossible so far.  So, other than hand sewing a binding on one quilt, I've been unable to quilt - and it's like going cold turkey!  I watch quilting videos, work on mastering my quilting business software program, read quilt magazines, but it just makes me want to get quilting even more.  I find myself feeling irritable, and frustrated that my body is preventing me from doing what my heart and mind want to do.

I've known for a long time that quilting has become a form of relaxation and therapy for me.  When I'm over tired from work or life's various conundrums, I quilt to find relief and peace.  This surgery has been very stressful for me personally, but it has also been hard on my poor husband who not only has to take care of me, but also keep running our construction and mini-storage businesses, by himself.  He's doing his own work, and mine too.  He's taken over all the tasks I've been doing, and having to learn it on the fly.  Most of it is not difficult, once you know what you need to do, but it's time consuming, and certainly not the kind of work he's used to.  He's doing great, but it's hard on him, and seeing that, it's hard on me, and I feel guilty.

I keep wishing I could fast forward about a month or two and be back doing all the things I'm used to doing, working, quilting, going to guild meetings, visiting with my girlfriend Brenda.    Hopefully I'll be getting around better next week, can maybe quilt a little if I can get my studio warmed up, and even go in to the office for a day or two to help my husband out.  In the meantime, I guess I'll watch some more Craftsy classes, and try to plan some future quilts.  So, if you read this, do a little quilting yourself, and treasure it.  I'll be jealous!

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