Friday, December 6, 2013

The Christmas Rush

This being my first year operating my Longarm quilting business, I haven't dealt with the "Christmas Rush" before, although my fellow longarmers warned me to be ready for it.  The hardest part is trying to estimate how long each quilt will take, so I don't make a delivery date promise I cannot keep.  And of course, none of those committments are for my own quilts, which I'd like to get done for my own family and friends.

Then, to top things off, I learned recently that I need to have a complete hip replacement done, in mid December!  Luckily I just finished my last Christmas delivery quilt for a customer, so that's done.  As for those quilts I hoped to finish for my family - well, I think they'll understand if they're a little late.

Here are some of the quilts that made their deadlines:
"Remembering My Dad"
  This one is called "Remembering My Dad", a memory quilt that was commissioned by Kim G. as a tribute to her father.  All the leaves are made from her father's plaid flannel shirts.  Since so many of the shirts were blue, I suggested adding additional fabric to vary the color of the leaves, and also adding the "river" to tie in the blue.  The red cardinal was a special request by my client.  All of the applique in the tree is flannel, and the back of the quilt is also flannel as Kim requested so she could cuddle up with something soft.  It is all machine appliqued, and then quilted with echos, clouds, grass, and water  motif stitching on my Gammil long arm machine.  The finished quilt is 6 ft. high, and 5 ft. wide, and includes a hanging sleeve to hang on a wall, or use as a quilt to snuggle up with. 

Making this was a labor of love for me, since I lost my own father in 2005.  My quilting studio was my father's former workshop, where we spent many hours together, refinishing antiques.  So, all the time I was working on this quilt for Kim, I was thinking about my own father, and remembering him, just as Kim remembers and misses her own father.  We were both "daddy's little girl".

Another quilt that got done is this really cool vintage quilt, done in the tumbling blocks design.  Something of a challenge, but came out great.

and this quilt was done for the Boone County Council on Aging's Quilt group.  This one was a challenge to decide how to quilt, but I think it turned out great.

Happy holidays everyone, and hope all your quilt projects get finished!