Sunday, June 30, 2013

Curved Log Cabin Quilt finally done - aka The Monster!

I started this quilt, and got all the piecing done about 2 years ago, but never had the nerve to try to quilt it on my little frame and machine.  Finally, I finished it on my Longarm Wanda.

The finished quilt is huge, big enough to hang to the floor on three sides of a King Size bed, and long enough to tuck under and over 8 pillows.  I'll post the picture of it on the bed tomorrow.

The part that goes under the pillows has our initials R for my husband Roy, L for me, and H in the middle for our last name.  The monogram is 15 inches high!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lincoln House Quilts Is Open for Business

So, I've got my State License, and my web site is up and running, and I'm ready to start working.
I figure I love quilting on my Gammill Classic Plus so much, and I can't make quilt tops fast enough so I might as well quilt for others!

I don't want to compete with other longarm quilters in the area, I just think there are plenty of quilters out there to keep all of us busy, and everyone has their different strengths.  The more I quilt, the better my skills, and that's good for me personally.   I'm even making quilts for sale!  So, visit my web site:  Lincoln House Quilts, ( and see what I'm up to!