Friday, December 6, 2013

The Christmas Rush

This being my first year operating my Longarm quilting business, I haven't dealt with the "Christmas Rush" before, although my fellow longarmers warned me to be ready for it.  The hardest part is trying to estimate how long each quilt will take, so I don't make a delivery date promise I cannot keep.  And of course, none of those committments are for my own quilts, which I'd like to get done for my own family and friends.

Then, to top things off, I learned recently that I need to have a complete hip replacement done, in mid December!  Luckily I just finished my last Christmas delivery quilt for a customer, so that's done.  As for those quilts I hoped to finish for my family - well, I think they'll understand if they're a little late.

Here are some of the quilts that made their deadlines:
"Remembering My Dad"
  This one is called "Remembering My Dad", a memory quilt that was commissioned by Kim G. as a tribute to her father.  All the leaves are made from her father's plaid flannel shirts.  Since so many of the shirts were blue, I suggested adding additional fabric to vary the color of the leaves, and also adding the "river" to tie in the blue.  The red cardinal was a special request by my client.  All of the applique in the tree is flannel, and the back of the quilt is also flannel as Kim requested so she could cuddle up with something soft.  It is all machine appliqued, and then quilted with echos, clouds, grass, and water  motif stitching on my Gammil long arm machine.  The finished quilt is 6 ft. high, and 5 ft. wide, and includes a hanging sleeve to hang on a wall, or use as a quilt to snuggle up with. 

Making this was a labor of love for me, since I lost my own father in 2005.  My quilting studio was my father's former workshop, where we spent many hours together, refinishing antiques.  So, all the time I was working on this quilt for Kim, I was thinking about my own father, and remembering him, just as Kim remembers and misses her own father.  We were both "daddy's little girl".

Another quilt that got done is this really cool vintage quilt, done in the tumbling blocks design.  Something of a challenge, but came out great.

and this quilt was done for the Boone County Council on Aging's Quilt group.  This one was a challenge to decide how to quilt, but I think it turned out great.

Happy holidays everyone, and hope all your quilt projects get finished!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Keeping busy with customer quilts

I've been doing customer quilts for a few months now, and must say I do really enjoy it.  When a client brings in a quilt top, I feel like it's Christmas when I open the bag to see it.

My customers so far have all been very sweet people, and all have seemed to be very happy with their quilts, so that's a blessing.  I just wish I had a little more time to spend on some of my own quilts!

Here's a couple of the latest completed quilts:

This one was done as a raffle quilt for the Boone County Council on Aging.

This one was batik strips, on which I used variegated thread, turned out very pretty.
 "Twisted Witch" by Gerry Gerlach, very cute!

 Connie Kolts applique hearts was fun to work on.
My first "modern" quilt by Jan Luhman, very pretty.

Monday, July 29, 2013

On quilting for others - new territory, new feelings.

I don't know what starting a new business is more ... exciting or scary?  I can't wait to quilt some of the amazing quilts others have made, but I'm also a little scared that they will leave the choices up to me, then not like them when the quilt is finished.  So far, that has not been a problem though.  I just finished this cute little sampler quilt for a customer, just a simple overall meander, but it looks nice, and she liked it enough to bring me another quilt to do when she picked this one up.

I'm going to the Machine Quilting show at the end of this week and am looking forward to several classes I've signed up for, and meeting some amazing quilters like Karen McTavish, Pam Clark and others.  I can't wait!  The hardest part for me is coming up with new design ideas, and then executing them as I see them in my head - sometimes I think I come up with designs that may be beyond my capabilities, but then I just have to figure them out, and that's how I stretch my skills - same as when I'm piecing quilts.  I hate it when people say - oh that pattern is for advanced quilters only - it's really hard.  Case in point - a Lone Star Quilt is supposed to be really hard, not for beginners.  The 3rd quilt I ever made in my life was a Lone Star, and it came out perfect - I didn't think it was hard.  I guess I just don't like to limit myself by saying oh that's too hard, don't try. I try everything, and what fun I've had!

Charlie's Lone Star Quilt,  80" x 80"- not nearly has hard as it looks.  I did trapunto for the first time on this quilt too.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Curved Log Cabin Quilt finally done - aka The Monster!

I started this quilt, and got all the piecing done about 2 years ago, but never had the nerve to try to quilt it on my little frame and machine.  Finally, I finished it on my Longarm Wanda.

The finished quilt is huge, big enough to hang to the floor on three sides of a King Size bed, and long enough to tuck under and over 8 pillows.  I'll post the picture of it on the bed tomorrow.

The part that goes under the pillows has our initials R for my husband Roy, L for me, and H in the middle for our last name.  The monogram is 15 inches high!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lincoln House Quilts Is Open for Business

So, I've got my State License, and my web site is up and running, and I'm ready to start working.
I figure I love quilting on my Gammill Classic Plus so much, and I can't make quilt tops fast enough so I might as well quilt for others!

I don't want to compete with other longarm quilters in the area, I just think there are plenty of quilters out there to keep all of us busy, and everyone has their different strengths.  The more I quilt, the better my skills, and that's good for me personally.   I'm even making quilts for sale!  So, visit my web site:  Lincoln House Quilts, ( and see what I'm up to!