Monday, December 3, 2012

Slow but steady wins the race...

Okay, so it's taking a LOT longer to redo the new room for my longarm than I thought.  Of course, my husband says if we're doing it, we have to do it right (thank goodness!), but that means more electrical outlets, new ceiling lights, new ceiling, one redone wall with press board, carpeting, and while we're at it (those are dangerous words!), lets cut a hole through the wall so you can go straight through from your other quilt room to this one!  YES!  I have a DOOR!  This will make life soooo much easier than having to go all the way around the basement to get in this room.

Shelves before - my dad made
them to hold paint.
I have painted the shelves and the corner cabinets I purchased, I still have some stenciling to do on the cabinets, but they're gonna look great.  Free shelves, and the two cabinets were $20.00.
Shelves after, much better.

These were in good shape, but
ugly  colors when I bought
them from  a charitable
resale shop - Gross!

I'll be doing the room in black and white with touches of color for fun.

And most importantly, we had to wrap all the pipes with silver insualtion because the pipes were gross!  The insulation stuff actually looks pretty cool.

So, the work continues, still a lot of work on the ceiling since there are so many pipes and wires and things we have to cut around.  Then the electrical outlets will go in, and finally the carpeting - medium gray, low pile with rubber backing so my legs don't die as I'm standing, quilting all day.

Check back soon and I'll have more "as we go" photos, and when it's all done, I'll make a video and show you everything, and how to save money on lots of things we're doing!

Happy quilting, ya'll!

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