Monday, December 24, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas...

I have the best Christmas present a quilter could every ask for... not only did my wonderful husband buy me a Gammill Classic Plus Longarm Quilting Machine, but he created a new room for me to put it in adjacent to my current quilting room.

HERE"S WANDA!  Named after my grandmother who was an superior seamstress, she would appreciate this wonderful longarm quiting machine and 14 ft. frame.

Lovely Wanda, my wonderful Gammill Classic Plus 26" Long Arm Quilting Machine!

My wonderful husband took our nasty,dirty old workshop and remodeled it into this fabulous longarm quilting room just for me for Christmas.  I couldn't ask for a better space to quilt in - great lighting, wonderful storage, nice cushy carpeted floor, lots of electrical outlets, and even satellite TV ready!
From this gross workshop
To this marvelous Quilting Studio!

I am truly blessed this Christmas, as I am every day of the year.  I'll post a video showing the before and afters, with tips and tricks on how we were able to do this room on a tight budget.

Loads of shelves for thread, pattern books and more!

My antique Rocker and Footstool got a facelift too.  Now I have a
comfortable place to sit, relax and regroup when I'm doing a marathon quilt session.

To every quilter out there, Dreams Do Come True!  Never give up your dreams, they ARE within your reach.  Merry Christmas, and HAPPY QUILTING FROM LINCOLN HOUSE QUILTS!

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