Monday, December 24, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas...

I have the best Christmas present a quilter could every ask for... not only did my wonderful husband buy me a Gammill Classic Plus Longarm Quilting Machine, but he created a new room for me to put it in adjacent to my current quilting room.

HERE"S WANDA!  Named after my grandmother who was an superior seamstress, she would appreciate this wonderful longarm quiting machine and 14 ft. frame.

Lovely Wanda, my wonderful Gammill Classic Plus 26" Long Arm Quilting Machine!

My wonderful husband took our nasty,dirty old workshop and remodeled it into this fabulous longarm quilting room just for me for Christmas.  I couldn't ask for a better space to quilt in - great lighting, wonderful storage, nice cushy carpeted floor, lots of electrical outlets, and even satellite TV ready!
From this gross workshop
To this marvelous Quilting Studio!

I am truly blessed this Christmas, as I am every day of the year.  I'll post a video showing the before and afters, with tips and tricks on how we were able to do this room on a tight budget.

Loads of shelves for thread, pattern books and more!

My antique Rocker and Footstool got a facelift too.  Now I have a
comfortable place to sit, relax and regroup when I'm doing a marathon quilt session.

To every quilter out there, Dreams Do Come True!  Never give up your dreams, they ARE within your reach.  Merry Christmas, and HAPPY QUILTING FROM LINCOLN HOUSE QUILTS!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Finish Line is in Sight

Walls painted, electrical wiring done, ceiling tiles installed, ceiling lights installed, carpeting is laid, and is waiting for glue to dry and trim the edges.  All we have to do now is set up my Gammill!  Today is the day!

Right now she's in  my other quilt room, just waiting to be brought in, and assembled.  I can't wait for her to be set up.  I'll put a quilt I did as a class in my quilt guild on her first, after I test her out on some muslin to make sure everything is operational.  I'm so excited!

Of course I'll be doing a lot more decorating, but right now the goal is getting the frame and machine set up and working.  The fluff comes in time.  I still have about 11 more fabric boxes to make, and rocker and footstool to re-upholster and other odds and ends.

This is truly a dream come true for me.  I've wanted this for five years, and I'm so blessed to have a family that supports my dream, and a husband who can do anything, and is sooo good to me.

He asked me yesterday what I wanted for Christmas - I told him "You've already given it to me!"

Monday, December 3, 2012

Slow but steady wins the race...

Okay, so it's taking a LOT longer to redo the new room for my longarm than I thought.  Of course, my husband says if we're doing it, we have to do it right (thank goodness!), but that means more electrical outlets, new ceiling lights, new ceiling, one redone wall with press board, carpeting, and while we're at it (those are dangerous words!), lets cut a hole through the wall so you can go straight through from your other quilt room to this one!  YES!  I have a DOOR!  This will make life soooo much easier than having to go all the way around the basement to get in this room.

Shelves before - my dad made
them to hold paint.
I have painted the shelves and the corner cabinets I purchased, I still have some stenciling to do on the cabinets, but they're gonna look great.  Free shelves, and the two cabinets were $20.00.
Shelves after, much better.

These were in good shape, but
ugly  colors when I bought
them from  a charitable
resale shop - Gross!

I'll be doing the room in black and white with touches of color for fun.

And most importantly, we had to wrap all the pipes with silver insualtion because the pipes were gross!  The insulation stuff actually looks pretty cool.

So, the work continues, still a lot of work on the ceiling since there are so many pipes and wires and things we have to cut around.  Then the electrical outlets will go in, and finally the carpeting - medium gray, low pile with rubber backing so my legs don't die as I'm standing, quilting all day.

Check back soon and I'll have more "as we go" photos, and when it's all done, I'll make a video and show you everything, and how to save money on lots of things we're doing!

Happy quilting, ya'll!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Died, and gone to quilting heaven!

OMG, I'm so thrilled.  After searching for years for a long arm quilting machine and frame, that wasn't  in Texas or California, I finally found a Gammill Classic Plus - IN ROCKFORD!  I put the downpayment on a used system from a terrifically talented gal in Rockford who is retiring from her quilting business and selling her system.  It's on a 14 ft. frame which is huge, so I'll have to put it in Charlie's bedroom, but he says he doesn't mind, since he's in his own apartment at NIU.  I am so excited, and can't wait to get it home, and start practicing and getting aquainted with my new "baby".

I have the best husband in the world, who let me buy it, is willing to transport it and set it up, and not complain at all!  I am truly a lucky woman!
I'll post pictures when it's up and running!

If anyone wants to buy a Stitch Regulated 18" Stretched Brother 1500S Quilting Machine on a Grace GMQ Pro Frame, Email Me!
, and I'll tell you all about the goodies included.   It's a great deal!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More recent quilts - not quilted yet, but tops done


The Wedding Quilt

My niece Megan and Sam Barcelona were married last fall, and it was a beautiful wedding.  I made the gift card box for her which matched her wedding cake pretty much.  As her wedding gift, I made her the quilt below - "Mates for Life".  I love it, and hope she and Sam will too.  The name refers to the fact that cardinals mate for life - a little known fact.  I love cardinals, we have lots in our yard, and my dad used to be able to mimic their sounds and call them.  It's one of my favorite memories.

She, who dies with the most fabric - WINS!

     If you're a quilter, you've probably heard this line before and laughed.

     Well, this weekend I went to an auction where a quilter who has moved into a senior living center sold over 50 large boxes of quilting fabric.  It was unbelievable!  I bought 15 boxes!  Beautiful, beautiful stuff, most of it in large cuts - 2, 3, 5 and even 8 and 10 yards!  All good quality, 99% of it all cotton, the others were beautiful satins, wools, and other great stuff for crazy quilts.  I've got all the backing fabrics I'll ever want with these large cuts which is fabulous!  Ready to choke...?  I spent $220 and got over 100 yards of fabric!   I'm now on my way to being the winner when I die!

      (Actually I'm donating a fair bit of it to quilters in other countries who don't have access to great fabric.  I'm  also planning on making a lot of Quilts of Valor and charity crib quilts and heart patient quilts for our local hospitals.)

So ladies (and gents) - keep an eye out for those great auctions!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Guild Classes

It took me a long time to join a quilt guild, and I wish I had not wasted to much time!  I'm a Sinnissippi Quilt guild member, and I love it.  I've met wonderful women (and a couple of great quilt-minded men) and learned so much, and been so inspired by them all. 

And the CLASSES!  I had no idea I'd have the opportunity to take classes from some of the best quilters in the country through my guild!  If you ever get a chance to take a class from Beth Ferrier, DO IT!  She's very funny, and teaches a great class.  Her applique techniques are terrific.  And getting to spend time listening to Millie Sorrells was a joy, what an amazing, talented woman she is.

So what have I learned that is most important to me?  Well, I don't have to be perfect, I don't have to be a competition quilter, and my quilting is about my joy in the process.  I talked to a lady last week who said she's learned that quilts don't have to be "bed sized", they can be wall hangings or 12" squares on a table.  I don't think I've gotten there yet, I still want my quilts to be USED, and loved and snuggled up in.

So, here's my latest - blue and yellow ribbons of color, woven together with a little applique thrown in for fun (I haven't named it yet) :