Monday, October 3, 2011

Wouldn't you just know it...

I have, I am almost embarrassed to say, 4 sewing machines.  My Brother 1500s is on my quilting frame, I do most of my piecing with my Pfaff 7570 and I have a Kenmore with lots of embroidery stitiches, as well as an old Serger I bought at an auction, works great, but I never use it.  But I figure I'm covered if I ever have one go down, there's always another.... until this week.
I sent my Brother off for cleaning and retiming, then sent my Pfaff off for the same at another place.  3 week wait for the Pfaff, 2 weeks for the Brother.  So, I'm sewing along on the Kenmore when I jam the needle and completely throw off the timing on it!  But then the Pfaff got done early, so I picked it up, and within 3 hours of getting it home, I forgot to switch plates, broke the needle, and screwed up the timing on it too!  I'd just paid $79.00 to have it fixed!  I'm machine-less!

It wouldn't be so bad except I signed up for a special quilt class on Friday, and now ALL my machines are in the shop, and probably won't be done in time!  Now, who do I know with a good machine they'll let me borrow for my class?

In the meantime, I have several quilts I'm ready to start cutting , which is in total opposition to my "one quilt at a time" rule.  It had to happen sooner or later, but I kept to it for 4 years, which is better than most quilters I know with scads of UFO's laying around.  I REFUSE to succumb, and will get back on track as soon as I get my babies back, healthy, clean and properly timed!  In the meantime, I'm finishing the hand applique on my Thanksgving wall quilt.  Should be pretty.