Monday, May 2, 2011

In the trenches...

Strange way to describe making a quilt, but this one is a dilly!  My son wanted a queen size "super nova", which is an exploding star, so I'm making a sort of swirling Lone Star with batiks, and then using trapunto on the corner blocks and setting triangles. I've finished piecing the top, and marked where I want to put the trapunto design, and comleted one sample trapunto triangle for practice.  The dark circles and center zig zag parts are raised, the rest is micros-stippled in purple, yellow, orang and red to make the trapunto pop up.  My son loves it, so it's a go to finish the quilt, and all before July 1, his birthday!  Here are pictures of the work in progress. . .

This will be the corners and trianlges, in embellished trapunto.

Hope I get it done by Charlie's birthday!

And I FINALLY got around to posting pictures of the quilt I made my brother Mike for Christmas.

Mike's Christmas Quilt.
I really do love quilting!