Monday, October 3, 2011

Wouldn't you just know it...

I have, I am almost embarrassed to say, 4 sewing machines.  My Brother 1500s is on my quilting frame, I do most of my piecing with my Pfaff 7570 and I have a Kenmore with lots of embroidery stitiches, as well as an old Serger I bought at an auction, works great, but I never use it.  But I figure I'm covered if I ever have one go down, there's always another.... until this week.
I sent my Brother off for cleaning and retiming, then sent my Pfaff off for the same at another place.  3 week wait for the Pfaff, 2 weeks for the Brother.  So, I'm sewing along on the Kenmore when I jam the needle and completely throw off the timing on it!  But then the Pfaff got done early, so I picked it up, and within 3 hours of getting it home, I forgot to switch plates, broke the needle, and screwed up the timing on it too!  I'd just paid $79.00 to have it fixed!  I'm machine-less!

It wouldn't be so bad except I signed up for a special quilt class on Friday, and now ALL my machines are in the shop, and probably won't be done in time!  Now, who do I know with a good machine they'll let me borrow for my class?

In the meantime, I have several quilts I'm ready to start cutting , which is in total opposition to my "one quilt at a time" rule.  It had to happen sooner or later, but I kept to it for 4 years, which is better than most quilters I know with scads of UFO's laying around.  I REFUSE to succumb, and will get back on track as soon as I get my babies back, healthy, clean and properly timed!  In the meantime, I'm finishing the hand applique on my Thanksgving wall quilt.  Should be pretty.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Wedding Quilt

My niece Megan Wesson married Sam Barcelona this weekend, and it was a gorgeous wedding.
I made them a wedding quilt - ""Mates for Life"  - the name comes from the fact that cardinals mate for life.  I love the quilt and hope they do too.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Catching up on it all.....

Goodness, it's been a while, but I've been quilting feverishly!  I finished Charlie's quilt in time for his 18th birthday, and he was thrilled.  I have to admit, I was pretty proud of it myself.  He uses it all the time, and took it off to college with him last week.  I hope it reminds him of home, and how much I love him.

Next I made a not very traditional quilt for Roy for Father's Day.  It's all white, blacks and browns (not orange which the camera makes it look like), and is quilted in an overall clamshell motif.  He likes it, and I made it big enough for us both to snuggle under. (Gigggle!) 

After that, I finished up the quilt I used as a test for Charlie's Lone Star, putting prairie points on the outer edge, and doing some fun free motion quilting all around the starbursts in the corners.  I hated it when I pieced just the center star - too busy, but once I finished the whole thing out, I really like it.  I'm giving it to my niece Tiffany when her baby is born in September.

My latest is still in progress, but I just love it.  It was designed by Kathleen Whiting for a Quilt Design Star contest in McCall's Quilting magazine and won first prize by readers votes.   She calls it "It's for the Birds".  I know cardinals mate for life, and I loved the design the minute I saw it, so I'm making my version of it for my niece Megan and her fiance Sam Barcelona for their wedding.  (I thought I'd try a double wedding ring, but that is TOOOO HARD!  I like the symbolism of this design  anyway.  Now, if I can just get the quilting done by Sept. 17!!!

And finally, I bit the bullet and entered two quilts in the Boone County Fair this year.  I entered Nate's Warm Stars and the Yellow one above which I call Kid's Kaleidiscope.  Neither won any prizes, but it was something I've wanted to do since I went to my first Boone County Fair and saw quilts with ribbons on them.  I finally did it - 45 years later!

Monday, May 2, 2011

In the trenches...

Strange way to describe making a quilt, but this one is a dilly!  My son wanted a queen size "super nova", which is an exploding star, so I'm making a sort of swirling Lone Star with batiks, and then using trapunto on the corner blocks and setting triangles. I've finished piecing the top, and marked where I want to put the trapunto design, and comleted one sample trapunto triangle for practice.  The dark circles and center zig zag parts are raised, the rest is micros-stippled in purple, yellow, orang and red to make the trapunto pop up.  My son loves it, so it's a go to finish the quilt, and all before July 1, his birthday!  Here are pictures of the work in progress. . .

This will be the corners and trianlges, in embellished trapunto.

Hope I get it done by Charlie's birthday!

And I FINALLY got around to posting pictures of the quilt I made my brother Mike for Christmas.

Mike's Christmas Quilt.
I really do love quilting!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011