Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just a few great links...

One of my Christmas presents is finished for the piecing, now to quilt it.  Second gift to be cut next weekend.
Think I may have put too much on myself , but I really want to get these done for Christmas.

Not much to talk about, so here are a few great links that people have recommended or I've found on my own.

Quilters Coloring Book:  http://www.quilt.com/ColoringBook/QuiltColoringBook.html
Line drawings of quilt block patterns you can color to test different color combinations.

Great long arm template site - The Gadget Girls:  http://www.thegadgetgirls.com/

Free Sampler Quilt Patterns:  http://www.freequiltpatterns.info/QuiltCategories/FreeSamplerQuiltPatterns.htm

Thread and More - lots of quilter's stuff:  http://www.threadandmore.com/default.asp

Urban Elementz - one of my favorite sites for pantographs:  http://www.urbanelementz.co/

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