Monday, October 25, 2010

It's a sign that I need a sign...

I need to put a big sign somewhere in  my quilting room that says - CHECK THE BACK!  and then maybe I'll remember to check the back of my quilts as I quilt them, at least every 15 minutes or so.  WHY?  Because I spent an hour and a half quilting happily away, only to discover that my tension got screwed up and I had done lots and lots of free motion stippling that was nothing but thread nests on the back side.  The top looked great so I had no idea.  It took me two hours to tear it all out with a seam ripper!  ARRRGH!
I kept mumbling "seam rippers are your friend, seam rippers are your friend!"

So, it was not as productive a weekend as I had hoped.  I have been trying to practice on my frame with my Brother machine and my new Grace Sure Stitch Regulator, and kept having thread breaking issues.  I finally took the Brother off the frame, and tried quilting a different quilt on it without the frame.  Finally figured out what my thread breakage problem was, but it took a long time.  I have two quilts I need to get done by Christmas, and I want to do them on the FRAME!  Frustrating is ALL I can say!

On a good note, however, I introduced myself to the other quilters on the Quilting Board site ( , and showed three of my quilts - and got lots of very complimentary comments about them.  That made me feel less stupid - many thanks to all of you who responded.  You made a lousy weekend much better!  Happy Quilting!

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  1. Don't you just love that board?!! I love going there for ideas and encouragement. I love being able to give others compliments as well.

    I love your blog. Very nice. :0)

    If you have time you can browse mine too. I'd love to have you visit.

    Quilty hugs.



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