Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Indian Summer . . .

Don't you just love Indian Summer Days?  I do.  It's my favorite time of year.  The yard is gorgeous, the leaves will be turning soon, and the days are warm with a slight nip in the evenings.  Perfect quillting weather! 

 I finished Nate's Flannel Quilt (Nate's Warm Stars) at last, so now I can start making two quilts for my brother Mike and his daughter Sarah for Christmas.  I think I can get them both done on time - I have to!  Then, I have to start on Charlie's quilt, which he wants to be a "Super Nova" - which is an exploding star - and a really difficult pattern, which totally intimidates me.  But everyone I've made a quilt for so far has been very happy with it, so, I WILL DO IT!  He graduates high school in the spring, and it MUST be done by then, he's expecting it, and keeps asking "When are you gonna start my quilt Mom?"  So many quilts...so little time!
Here's Nate's Warm Stars Quilt.  It looks like Autumn, don't you think?

Monday, September 6, 2010

5 day weekends are the best!

Don't you just love long weekends?  I spent mine practicing on my quilt frame, looking for good deals on accessories for my Brother1500S and meeting my oldest son's girlfriend Kara - that was fun!  She's very cute, petit and seems to really adore Nate, so how could I resist her?  She spent the night here in Aaron's empty room, and even made the bed.  I like this girl already.

I joined a couple of new Yahoo groups - Long Arm Chat.com and PQ1500 which are both great.  I learn something every time I go to them.  I've been practicing on my frame and am getting up the nerve to put my best friend Brenda's quilt on it for quilting - still a little nervous though.  Practice is one thing, but attacking the quilt top you spent hours and hours making is rather scary. I think I'll ask the Long Arm Chat people for suggestions on how best to quilt it.

Happy Quilting!