Wednesday, August 18, 2010

There's a learning curve...

So, I loaded a quilt (small practice quilt) on my new frame, and tried to practice my free motion when I realized that I should have made sure all my tension settings on my machine were set correctly BEFORE I loaded on the quilt.  They weren't, it was all loopy on the underside, and in order to correct set and test the tension (with out wasting it on my test quilt), I had to take the quilt off the frame to move the machine and set things right.  Not the best start, but I definitely learned a lesson about making sure my machine is ready to quilt BEFORE I load on my quilt.

I've also gone online to You Tube and other sites to see how others load and pin their quilts onto the frame, and discovered that there are many different ways that many different people do it.  So I guess I have to find my favorite way. 

In the meantime, I am finishing the quilting on my son's Flannel Stars quilt which I had already gotten 1/4 done before I got my frame, so I pretty much need to finish quilting it on my machine without the frame.  That's okay, I'm getting along okay with wrestling this big quilt through it, but very much looking forward to NOT have to wrestle inthe future!

Yep, there's a learning curve, and I need practice, Practice, PRACTICE!

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